Ceco AI helps legacy industries achieve climate-resilient operations.

Ceco AI is a sustainable resource management platform that future-proofs industrial operations while maintaining profitability.

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We’re proud to partner with like-minded organizations that share our commitment to sustainability and industrial transformation.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build resilient operations to accelerate industrial transformation & create net-positive impact.

To do so, we provide sustainable resource management software solutions for legacy industries such as mining, forestry, & agriculture.

The right platform to start your    sustainability journey.

Water Metrics

Understand your water consumption, discharge quality, and overall water footprint. Ceco AI empowers you to accurately gauge your water use across operations, ensuring optimal resource management.

Industry-Specific Indicators

For precise insights, rely on tailored metrics that focus on core industrial activities. Be it mining, forestry, or agriculture, get a clear picture of your environmental impact.

Compliance Thresholds

Easily measure and compare your operational performance against industry standards. With Ceco AI, ensure that your metrics are always aligned with the latest compliance requirements.

Real-time Dashboards

Stay informed with up-to-the-minute reporting. Monitor key performance indicators, water use trends, and compliance levels using our intuitive dashboards.

Regulatory Reporting

Effortlessly compile and display information in a format tailored for regulatory authorities. With Ceco AI, guarantee your preparedness for audits and compliance inspections.

Sustainability Overview

Become a leader in your industry with Ceco AI’s comprehensive sustainability standards reporting. Generate and adapt reports as needed for all your stakeholders.

Choose Trusted Solutions Providers

Move from decision to action quicker with Ceco AI’s built-in solutions provider marketplace. Access our network of partners or input your own pre-approved list. The choice is yours.

Assign Tasks To Your Team

Take action by easily assigning teammates to tasks in Ceco AI’s task dashboard. Comment, share, and update to track project progress.

Monitor Project to Completion

Access our network of eco-conscious partners to further your sustainability goals. Whether it's equipment suppliers or technology solutions, Ceco AI connects you with the best.

Integrated Resource Management

Streamline your resource management processes. From water allocation to treatment and reuse strategies, Ceco AI offers a centralized solution.

Risk Mitigation

Identify potential environmental and operational risks early. With Ceco AI's predictive analytics, take proactive steps to address challenges before they escalate.

Collaborative Workflows

Foster a culture of sustainability. With Ceco AI's collaborative platform, engage various departments in shared goals, ensuring coordinated efforts towards a greener future.


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You have the information. It’s only a matter of utilizing it effectively to reach your sustainability targets.
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An agile and scalable platform designed to handle the complexity and volatility of today's modern risk landscape.

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