Water Management

Analyze, Act, Manage.

Monitor Your Mine's Water in Real-Time

Ceco introduces an AI-driven Tailings Storage Facility Management solution, designed to optimize tailings management, mitigate risks, and boost operational efficiency. Our platform focuses on real-time water monitoring in mining sites, leveraging satellite data, and advanced analytics to track critical metrics and predict potential issues.

Key features include:

Water Classification: Assess pond pollution, encroachments, groundwater status, and the impact of surrounding mining activities.

Risk Analysis: Evaluate water distribution, green belts, regional planning, and underground utility risks.

Real-Time Data: Utilize 6 GIS metrics from Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellite datasets for continuous monitoring without on-site IoT sensors.

Rainfall and Snowfall Forecasting: Monitor precipitation events, predict potential flooding, and optimize water storage and discharge.

Water Balance Integration: Calculate real-time water balance at the mine site, identify potential water conservation and reuse opportunities.

Infrastructure Water Monitoring: Observe the effects of mining infrastructure on water quality, detect changes, and implement appropriate management practices.

Take Control

Our AI-driven solution empowers mining companies to proactively manage risks, optimize operations, and make data-based decisions to enhance performance. By tracking water balance, forecasting precipitation, and monitoring water at infrastructure, Ceco's Tailings Storage Facility Management solution enables mining organizations to ensure sustainable water use and minimize environmental impact. Embrace the future of tailings management and harness the power of real-time data with Ceco.