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Ceco's Partnership with Patch

Ceco is proud to be part of the Patch Partner Directory, combining our experience in aggregating operational data via GIS and IoT sensors using Machine Learning with Patch’s platform that makes meaningful climate action a part of everyone’s business.

What is Patch?

Patch Carbon is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint by investing in high-quality carbon offset projects. It offers a range of offsetting options, including projects that support renewable energy, forest conservation, and clean water initiatives. The platform also provides users with detailed information about the projects they are supporting and the impact of their investment on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Patch Carbon aims to make carbon offsetting accessible and affordable for everyone, with options starting from as little as a few pounds. The platform is certified by third-party organizations such as the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard, which ensure that the projects supported by Patch Carbon are of high quality and have a real impact on reducing carbon emissions. Overall, Patch Carbon is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to take action on climate change by supporting high-quality carbon offset projects.


Ceco’s partnership with Patch?

Patch will help Ceco’s development of a machine learning model to assist carbon-heavy industries with operational efficiency and develop an ESG scoring framework. Ceco’s partnership with Patch will give a huge boost to its capabilities in helping industries streamline their carbon offsetting activities, improve the accuracy and transparency of their sustainability reporting, and customize their offsetting activities to meet their specific goals and requirements.


Here’s how Patch as Ceco’s partner will be beneficial :

  1. Carbon monitoring and offsetting - Ceco can now provide real-time access to data on carbon offset projects, allowing companies to track their offsetting activities and monitor their impact on reducing carbon emissions. We will be able to offer a range of high-quality carbon offset projects that companies can invest in to offset their emissions. These projects are selected to ensure that they have a real impact on reducing carbon emissions and that they meet internationally recognized standards.This improves the accuracy and transparency of the offsetting process, giving companies greater confidence in their sustainability reporting.
  2. Customization and Flexibility - Companies now will be able to have flexible ways to meet their sustainable objectives. They can tailor their offsetting initiatives using Ceco to match their unique sustainability objectives and requirements. This entails the option to pick from a variety of carbon offset initiatives and establish unique guidelines for the offsetting procedure.

Overall, Patch will help Ceco to enhance it’s machine learning to help companies better understand and manage their carbon emissions. By combining Patch’s data with machine learning algorithms, Ceco can help companies improve their sustainability strategy and make more informed decisions about their carbon offsetting activities.

Bineet Kumar
Verified writer

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