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Ceco’s Entry into Foresight & CarbonNEXT

Ceco AI was among the top 20 startups selected for Foresight Canada and Carbon Management Canada’s carbonNEXT carbon tech commercialization hub.

Foresight Canada

Foresight is Canada’s cleantech accelerator, bringing innovative startups and strategic partners together to identify, commercialize, and adopt the clean technologies needed to address today’s most urgent climate challenges. Using an outcome-driven approach, Foresight’s approach to transforming their value chain is one that Ceco strives to adopt. Entry into Foresight’s accelerator community provides Ceco with access to key resources needed for early stage tech companies to succeed, such as people, training, and guidance. With these resources, Ceco is better equipped to navigate the challenges that come with pre-commercial development activities. Particularly, Foresight supports Ceco’s commercialization strategy and market launch.


CarbonNEXT hub

carbonNEXT is Canada’s carbontech commercialization hub to drive development and scaling of Canadian carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) ventures. Building on Canada’s early leadership in CCUS technology development and project deployment, carbonNEXT brings partners together to energize innovation, accelerate commercialization, and fast-track adoption of carbontech solutions. Ceco’s entry into carbonNEXT positions us to further support Canadian companies in meeting their net zero targets. Working with CCUS leaders, Ceco is on track to commercialize an integrated cloud-based environmental management service driven by AI and machine learning.

“We are thrilled to be part of Foresight’s accelerator and carbonNEXT program,” said Ceco AI co-founder Arnav Mishra. “We are confident that with the resources provided by the accelerator, the guidance of industry experts, and the community support of our fellow cohort members, Ceco can propel forward in its mission to create an interpretable machine learning-driven carbon management platform for the mining and forestry industries.”


Ceco Accelerated 🏎️

At Ceco, we are pioneering the use of AI and machine learning to support companies in assessing their environmental impact. We offer a wide range of cloud-based technologies for our clients, including dynamic reporting dashboards that can be easily customized to the needs of the end users. Supported by Foresight Canada, Ceco can help companies step into the future with more effective and efficient environmental management. Ceco’s very own geospatial monitoring approach allows companies to monitor their operations and analyze data to determine the most effective allocation of resources. With Ceco’s all-in-one integrated service, companies can focus on what really matters. Our comprehensive solutions include assessing critical environmental impact areas such as carbon emissions, water quality, and waste management. Meanwhile our algorithms go even further, they learn from user activities over time and eventually become self-reliant in analyzing data to produce quick and meaningful results. With Ceco’s involvement in Foresight’s accelerator program, we are scaling to offer environmental management solutions for not only the mining industry, but the forestry industry and the government sector as well. Head to Ceco solutions to learn more.

Kiran Dhatt
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