Strategizing Mining

The framework optimization through revoluationary ML datasets for mining.


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ESG Frameworks
Leverage AI-driven insights for enhanced sustainability, responsible operations, and transparent reporting in environmental, social, and governance aspects.
Compliance Reporting
Streamline compliance reporting, prevent violations, and effectively adhere to permit requirements and action plans with advanced reporting.
Tailings Management
Implement innovative solutions to mitigate risks, ensure safety, and meet environmental and regulatory requirements in water management.

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Maximize Resource Efficiency: Ceco enables you to access and monitor vital data on mineral exploration, evaluate mining conditions, and model mine construction. By automating your entire mine, we streamline the process of gathering and displaying essential information like geochemical and hydrological data.

Unified Data Analysis: Say goodbye to scattered information. Our platform consolidates all your mining data into a single database, while our advanced analytical tools help you make sense of it all. We deliver clear, actionable insights that empower you to make well-informed decisions for your mine.

Boost Productivity: Our tailored recommendations and innovative strategies allow you to optimize your existing procedures, enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of your mining operations.

Commit to Sustainability: We diligently track your carbon output and provide comprehensive reports on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By offering effective strategies to offset your environmental impact, we support your journey towards sustainable mining practices.

Minimize Risks: Our platform's real-time notifications help you mitigate risks associated with tailings management, including tailings failure and seepage issues. By keeping you informed and alert, we ensure the safety and longevity of your mining operations.

Water reporting

Monitor your
mine’s hydraulics in real-time

The only mining engagement software solution to monitor, strategize and optimize.

Climate-smart technology just got smarter.

By centralizing GIS and IoT data and utilizing machine learning, Ceco’s platform provides a wide range of metrics that you can track for your mines and make informed decisions in your mines

Mudline Elevation
Road Cracks
Structural Stability
Carbon Output
Soil Monitoring
Dam Elevation
Haul Truck Movement

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